July 2015

Hooray for Our Independence!

I remember when independence only meant I was old enough to move out and into a place of my own. As I got older, it meant that I could afford to BUY my own place. Buying when you’re young usually means a “fixer upper” that needs some TLC, lots of elbow grease and some money for supplies. Sometimes, you can get by with a coat of paint and lots of bleach. However, there are those times when the wind whistles through the cracks of the windows at night. That’s when you know you’ve got to make the grown-up decision to invest in new windows. You can transform the look of an old house with that coat of paint and the updated windows. It will have curb appeal and make it easier to sell, in case you’re ready for your next step up the ladder of independence and a house that’s move-in ready.


 **Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! Hope everyone also gave some thought to our veterans and active duty soldiers who fought so we’d have the independence to buy the house, whether it needs new windows or not.**


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We are a local, home-grown window and door replacement company in Austin, Texas. Energywise is a small business that understands how energy-efficient replacement windows can positively affect your pocket book and our environment. I particularly love Austin and Houston because I grew up in Houston and it is where most of my family still resides. Austin is close to my heart because we have made it our home and it is where I am raising my boy. We care about all of our surrounding communities because we are all inter-connected. When you add replacement windows to your home and reduce the energy it consumes, you automatically reduce the amount of CO 2’s released into the atmosphere. Our goal is to “Keep Texas Green!!!” We specialize in energy efficient windows and entry door installation. Please check back with us for other products that help sustain our city and the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our natural resources.


“Now you can get a free energy audit with an additional upgrade to pressure testing or thermal imaging for your home when you tell Energy Guys that Energywise sent you!”‘

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Energy Efficient Vinyl & Aluminum Windows in Austin, TX

Our goal as a window replacement company is to make the most energy efficient, easy to clean



Vista Panorama Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Vista is a top-of-the-line, American manufacturer of replacement windows and patio doors.

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Introducing our “Pay it Forward” Campaign.

A better home, a better planet, and now a better community. “I would like to thank you for voting Energywise Windows Inc. the “Best Home Improvement”