September 2015


Labor Day


Labor Day means different things to different people, depending on their age, their job industry, whether they’re sports fans and the type of sports they follow. Originally, Labor Day was created to celebrate workers and their contributions to the prosperity of this great nation. Over time, Labor Day has come to mark the end of summer and the return to school; although, with school starting in August these days, it doesn’t have quite the significance as the major “end of summer” holiday it once did. According to certain fashion trends, Labor Day marks the end of wearing white, until next Easter anyway. For many others, Labor Day is the beginning of football season for the NFL and the NCAA. In the past, it was also a big NASCAR race day, which is set to return to Darlington this year. Labor Day is also the mid-point for weeks 1 and 2 of the US Open Tennis Championship, currently playing out in Flushing Meadows, New York. The biggest irony of all comes from the retail sales industry. Labor Day has become one of the largest sales days of the year second only to Black Friday. Retail sales people work on what should be their day off and, sadly, they typically work more and longer hours because of the huge retail sales potential. So, if you happen to be out shopping on Labor Day this year, give a thought to those serving you and maybe even an extra Thank You for laboring on this special day.



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We are a local, home-grown window and door replacement company in Austin, Texas. Energywise is a small business that understands how energy-efficient replacement windows can positively affect your pocket book and our environment. I particularly love Austin and Houston because I grew up in Houston and it is where most of my family still resides. Austin is close to my heart because we have made it our home and it is where I am raising my boy. We care about all of our surrounding communities because we are all inter-connected. When you add replacement windows to your home and reduce the energy it consumes, you automatically reduce the amount of CO 2’s released into the atmosphere. Our goal is to “Keep Texas Green!!!” We specialize in energy efficient windows and entry door installation. Please check back with us for other products that help sustain our city and the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our natural resources.


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